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We live in a world of 7.67 billion people and counting. I believe in the human element and therefore I focus on human centered design. Obsessing over "Why?", I believe in designing intuitive and sustainable experiences that build trust and improve user satisfaction

My Work

As a UX designer, I consider the user’s journey and anticipate the problems they may encounter. My goal is to make experiences as user friendly and accessible as possible. Below are a few examples of my work with more to come.
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CSR Platform User Flow

Using UX Strategy to Simplify the Customer Search Flow.

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BeerWhiz! Homebrewing Mobile App

BeerWhiz! explores the need for expert advice built into a mobile app that gives users a simple, intuitive means to connect with an expert in the homebrewing field within moments.

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Reach4Help Web App

Reach4Help is an open-source platform with organizations in Montréal, NYC, India and beyond to provide easier access to local volunteer organizations and to support organizations in the field with deliveries, vaccination drives and more.

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Reading circle app. Girl reading a book in her home.

Reading Circle Web App

Reading Circle is a web-based classifieds app where users can buy, sell, and trade their books on the Reading Circle Marketplace. Sellers can ship books to buyers or arrange for pick up in public spaces or local partner bookstores.

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Hablame! Vocabulary Mobile App

One of my very first official UX school projects was a design sprint centered around a vocabulary language learning app. The purpose was to explore and analyze the experience of memorizing and understanding new concepts, techniques,

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Daily UI

I've been posting a few of my daily UI concepts. You can find them here.

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