About Reach4Help

Reach4Help is an open-source platform with organizations inMontréal, NYC, India and beyond to provide easier access to local volunteer organizations and to support organizations in the field with deliveries,vaccination drives and more. Through our global map of over 11K+ organizations,we've served as a single repository of volunteer help and critical resources(food, shelter, ventilators, oxygen cylinders, etc.) through the COVID-19pandemic, Mexican earthquake, California wildfires, Texas power crisis and various crises.

The current healthcare system has several gaps that prevent individuals in need from receiving medical supplies in a timely and efficient manner. Moreover, in emergency situations, such as natural disasters, the availability of medical supplies can become scarce, causing panic and chaos. In such cases, there is a need for a platform that connects individuals who have medical supplies and are willing to help with those who require them.

Therefore, the challenge was to develop an app that allows users to connect with each other and provide aid in the form of medical supplies. The app should enable individuals to create profiles with information on the medical supplies they have available, their location, and their willingness to donate or sell the supplies. Moreover, the app should allow users to search for medical supplies based on their location, type, and urgency. Additionally, theapp should include a feature that verifies the authenticity of the supplies,ensuring that they are safe to use.

By developing such an app, we can bridge the gap in the healthcare system and help individuals in need receive medical supplies in a timely and efficient manner, especially during emergencies.

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