Aligning UX Strategy with Business Goals

Agile Collaboration:

I attended daily standups throughout the design process and product cycle that were ran by a designated scrum master and included business analysts, product managers and owners, developers, and myself. At each standup the team discussed the progress of current assignments; what we did the day before, blockers, and what we would be working on that day.

Exploration and Ideation:

Because this was an already established product I wasn't able to conduct much formal research in the beginning of the design process. As a workaround, I would meet with business analyst and product owners to go over product goals, acceptance criteria, user flows, and current views that we would be iterating.

Exchange Platform

The Exchange platform provides clients with a better and more user-friendly commercial banking experience. Exchange makes it easy to manage all accounts from a single customizable dashboard. With one simple log in, clients will be able to access Payments & Reporting, Bill Pay, ACH Positive Pay and Trade Advance, all in one place.

Due to an NDA, I am unable to show exactly what I have worked on but I have included information about the product found on the company website as well as my design process used throughout the product development cycle.

user dashboard with accounts listed
User Experience Designer
More about Exchange

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